water droplets

2017 Water Jamboree Activities

Water Filters Activity

Bubbleology: Students will study the science of bubbles and use bubbles as tools to learn about the recreational value of water.

Water Rockets: Demonstrate Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “The action of one body (or force) on another produces an equal but opposite reaction.”

Water Filters: Students design and test hypotheses for cleaning water by making filters.

Weather Fun in the Sun...or Rain: Explore the fascinating world of weather by participating in a weather-related scavenger hunt.

Fur as a Renewable Resource: Students will see different local furs and learn the concept of a renewable resource.

Water Safety: Discussion of safe boating procedures and water rescue.

The Incredible Journey: With the roll of a die, students simulate the movement of water within the water cycle.

Migration Headache: An energetic game where students experience the trials of waterfowl migrating from Texas to Canada.

Stream Table: The Stream Table shows students how flowing water can affect the land by causing erosion and sedimentation. It can also demonstrate the interaction between ground water and surface water.

Evolution of Irrigation: Interactive irrigation methods are presented. The history of irrigation is taught with a focus on several key terms and principles.

Water Jeopardy: An exciting and stimulating game similar to the popular TV show Jeopardy. Students respond to questions relating to different areas of water knowledge and are rewarded with varying amounts of water for correct answers to determine the winning team.

GPS: Students will learn about Global Positioning System (GPS) and how to navigate with it.

History of the Harlan County Dam: Discover the history of the Harlan County Dam.

Bluegill Bonanza: A new twist on tag where students learn about aquatic ecosystems and predators.


Water Carnival Activities:

Face Painting: Get into the spirit and have your face painted!

Water Wheel of Fortune: Participants spin the wheel and answer questions related to water conservation and water management issues.

Hand Washing: Germs! Germs! Germs! Learn why hand washing is so important and the proper techniques.

Fishing Fun: Students will get the opportunity to practice their casting skills.

Thirsty Plants: Students will learn how plants transport water through transpiration. This will help students to understand the importance of plants in the water cycle and the role they play.

Farmers Think Water Conservation: Milo/Sorghum and water efficiency.