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Phelps County Weed Control

musk thistleTri-Basin NRD operates the Phelps County Weed Control Program. Charles Brooks is the Phelps County Weed Superintendent as well as the Land Resources Manager for Tri-Basin NRD. Phelps county Weed Control is responsible for noxious weed control in Phelps County, Nebraska.

"Noxious" means harmful or destructive and comes from the Latin word "nocere," meaning to harm. In its current usage, "noxious" is a legal term used to denote a destructive or harmful pest for purposes of regulation. Noxious weeds found in Phelps County are: purple loosestrife, musk thistle, Canada thistle, and leafy spurge.

Noxious weeds compete with pasture grasses and crops, reducing yields substantially. Some noxious weeds are poisonous or injurious to man, livestock, and wildlife. The losses resulting from noxious weed infestations can be staggering, costing residents millions of dollars due to lost production.

purple loosestrifeThe business of noxious weed control is everyone's concern, and their control is to everyone's benefit. The support of all citizens is vital for control of noxious weeds in Nebraska.

For more information about the Phelps County Weed Department, contact Charles Brooks, Phelps County Weed Superintendent at


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