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NSWCP Cost-Share Programs

The Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation (NSWCP) Act, established in 1977, is administered by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. The Act established the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Fund, providing state financial assistance to Nebraska landowners for the installation of approved soil and water conservation measures that improve water quality, conserve water, and help control erosion and sedimentation. This program is funded by the Nebraska Unicameral.

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The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for determining eligible practices and establishing operating procedures for NSWCP. DNR allocates funds among the state's 23 Natural Resources Districts and approves payments to landowners. Natural resources districts are responsible for administering the NSWCP program at the local level according to state rules and regulations. The USDA/NRCS provides technical assistance in planning and developing the approved conservation measures. In order to be eligible for funding, cost-share applications must be approved by the NRD board before you start a project. Listed below are the cost-share practices available through Tri-Basin NRD:


Eligible Nebraska Conservation (NC) Practices

NC - 1 Constructing Terrace Systems

NC - 2 Constructing Terrace Underground Outlets

NC - 3 Constructing Water Impoundment Dames

NC - 4 Constructing Grade Stabilization Structures

NC - 5 Constructing Irrigation Tailwater Recovery Pits with or without Underground Return Pipe

NC - 6 Constructing Diversions

NC - 7 Constructing Grasses Waterways

NC - 8 Constructing Water-and-Sediment-Control Basins

NC - 9 Constructing Dugouts for Livestock Water (runoff collection only)

NC - 10 Pasture Planting or Range Seeding (land use conversions)

NC - 11 Critical Area Planting (grass)

NC - 12 Windbreaks

NC - 13 Constructing Underground Return Pipe from Irrigation Tailwater Recovery Pits

NC - 14 Planned Grazing Systems

NC - 16 Windbreak Renovation

NC - 17 Irrigation Water Management

NC - 18 Stream Bank Stabilization

NC - 19 Repair of Practices

NC - 20 Brush Management


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